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Is madness the new normal? What does normal mean for how we socialize, how we work, how we engage; and how we learn? Regardless, you are on top of it all, Right?

I maintain a space for those who don't have all the answers but are willing to look. Join this space to access tools useful to you in building self-confidence and building your skills in creating momentum. Be guided through the process of answering the questions that keep you awake at night.

I produce new content, weekly, that draws on tried and tested self-coaching techniques that work. I make sure these methods are relevant to the times we find ourselves.

This space is housed on If you don’t already, you need to create an account and join the community (using the link below). To access the videos and podcasts you need to pay a monthly subscription.

To get 1 months free, use the following promo code.


Join the community at

See you there, Brad. 

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