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Am I doing enough

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As I shared what I was doing with my book with trusted friends and family, I got feedback. During those conversations I’d get ideas and insights. One of the key insights was the concept of “imagine”, which became the starting place for my promotional material.

The way that insight came to me was a truly surreal example of how the world works. It was a lovely reminder of how chaotic the events in our journey appear if we aren’t willing to ask and listen. (read ...)

Show your cards

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Even of those that I have coached and facilitated, few will truly know who I am. The main reason being that I have kept my cards close. I got it wrong!

There is a philosophy that says hold your cards until you need to show them. It's based on the idea that if you have good cards you should only show them at the right time to ensure victory! I get that; however, I now feel that when it comes to the cards that show what we are good at, we need to stop hiding them. (read ...)

Choose awesome over good enough

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All things are not equal, when it comes to choosing a coach.

Coaches are, by definition, supportive. They provide structures for thinking and acting. They bring their experience to conversations. They enable us to explore what we desire and want. They enable us to find the right path and to follow it. A good coach or mentor will do all that. However, an awesome coach goes further. (read ...)

Rent is crucial for Abundance

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In the absence of Rent, Abundance becomes an insurmountable concept. From there, life becomes a chore.

Abundance in all that we are, is a requirement of a purposeful and engaging life. It's not a nice to have. In the absence of financial, cognitive, emotional, social and physical Abundance, we are limited in what we can do for ourselves and others. With an Abundance of means, friendships, health and Love, our choices become vast and unlimited. When means, friendships, health and Love come effortless to us, we our free to fully engage whole heartily in our purpose. When that happens, everything looks brighter and richer. That is a life worth experiencing. (read ...)

Embrace the wobble

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We may feel aligned. We may feel we have clarity. We may have confidence in the effectiveness and efficiency of our structures and systems. We may feel on top of our exercise, eating, sleeping, relationships and Career. No matter, how good things are going, we always experience wobbles.

Watch a professional sports person doing anything and they are constantly correcting. Watch someone that is good with a skateboard and the same things happen. You may even know the feeling. At one moment you are cruising, the wind is in your hair, you are looking good, you are feeling good. Life is good. It couldn’t be better. However, (read ...)

Using your magic to help others be their best selves

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Do you believe you have magic within you? Stop, let your mind think about that for a moment.

So, if there is a yes or even the smallest feeling that it could be possible, keep reading. Otherwise, stop reading now. Your time will be better invested elsewhere. (read ...)

"Hard work" - Where it demotivates!

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Using the phrase "hard work" is potentially demotivating. Realising this helped me see more learning opportunities in the challenges before me.

A coaching friend recently helped me look at the way I was using the word "hard" when I described something that I needed to complete or focus on. It became clear that I could find an alternative that motivated me towards where I wanted to go, and not away from it. If we look at the definition of "hard" we get something like solid, rigid or not easily broken, as well as something needing a great deal of effort. (read ...)

Using the moment to build a better self

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Being our best selves is both easier and harder than we think.

Life is such a wonderful collection of experiences. Experiences that beckon us to engage with them. Sometimes we do and sometimes we don't. The journey to being our best selves is aided by focusing on engaging with those experiences more often than not. Also when we do engage, we must allow those experiences to change us. It is through the change that we are our best selves. (read ...)

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